Chrontius t1_je85zgl wrote

I mean, you can do it, but boy is that miserable. At some point, the blade just got so dull it wouldn't cut, and just friction-heated the board and blade.

I was pretty fucking shocked to see just how quickly your shitty blade became completely useless, though.


Chrontius t1_j0yvlcn wrote

You're swimming in good choices. But piece of advice, gift it with a sharpener! That's the difference between an okay knife and a great knife.

I use and recommend this one; I got it at TJ Maxx a decade ago and it's held up and performed nicely.

You can't go wrong with a Wusthoff Classic, but my mother's surprise favorite is the now-discontinued Schmitt Bros. "The One", which is shaped like some kind of ungodly kitchen machete, has enough tip weight to chop with, and has glorious ergonomics. If you find one for sale and don't gift it, let me know so I can buy a spare...