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Yeah, remember walking my ex's first grader to class. 15 min away. Her age, I could walk the same distance to school. But her school is on an insanely busy street. And every 5 steps is a drive way to allow cars to drive from the main st into the shopping center that straddles the side walk we'd walk home on.

Getting to and from school on the calmest, nicest day was still so car focused and we were the ones walking. It reminded me when I was her age, the less than 15 min walk from school would turn into a 45 min pre-homework play time on the way back home.

Its simply impossible for them. These cars dominate everything.


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Access to those foods is due to racism. Zoning laws for where convience stores are located vs groceries vs fast foods. Transportation hubs vs walkability access to food sources.

Subsidized food programs that priorize certain sugars and carbs that conflict with modern recommended health trends.


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Food deserts, the way the US government subsidizes corn and sugar industries. US subsidy programs for food produce and pricing.

Structural access to healthcare. Early childhood access to healthcare. Stable access to food during early childhood development. Health insurance being tied to full employment.

Epigenetic adaption to generational exposure to famine and food insecurity during slavery and Jim Crow Apartheid.


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A Black Ethnic Igbo from Nigeria and a Black American born in America are both Racially Black. However, they are two different Ethnicities.

A South African can be ethnically Xhosa or Zulu. Same nationality. Can both be racially Black. However two separate ethnicities.

Ethnicity is objectively defined. Race is socially constructed based on context.


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There is immense challenge with desertification. Its sort of what the Sahara does as a default part of its history. There is also a water challenge for agriculture.

A real key that could change them into a power is more trade within the continent as opposed to extraction and immediate trade off the continent.


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Infucking sane considering how much they have not reinvested commercial train infrastructure. That type of shit would make me flip a table.

Not just reducing or belittling someone's value. But actively trying to reduce their value down to zero. Full well knowing they need every minute of labor and that's exactly why they give them so little time off. These people are vampires.


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>On Wednesday, Oct. 12, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley announced that a county grand jury returned an indictment against Runyan and Cominsky on four separate charges: Cheating (a felony of the fifth degree); attempted grand theft (fifth-degree felony); possessing criminal tools (fifth-degree felony); and unlawful ownership of wild animals (a misdemeanor of the fourth degree)

I completely get the attempted Grand theft and other charges, but I never knew cheating was a felony offense


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There are various Fed branches who tend to track the nature of different sectors that concentrate in their region. For example, the Dallas Fed keeps up with the energy market regularly.

The FED doesn't directly alter private industries but their monetary policy affects these businesses. Banks consult with their business partners and trade groups and banks consult with the regional FED and this has an influence on how the FED reacts to quarterly policy decisions.