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I don’t often have time to do it, but a really tasty breakfast sandwich really is makes me happy in the morning. Bagel with eggs, cheese and bacon with a hot cup of coffee is just perfect for me.


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My spouse and I like to take a homemade picnic over to Jefferson Park in n warm evening and just sit in the grass. It’s pretty great.


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Yeah, I mean I think you could write a book on how the restaurant industry adjusted or failed to during the height of covid


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Man, I miss Rapp Session. Having a place for Oysters and drinks was such a cool date night option


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Man, I’m feeling old. It’s work, the stop at Costco for stuff we needs.then home to make dinner. Feeling old.

I can’t recall a “Mind Blowing Movie” of late, but I think the best horror movie I’ve seen in a while was Nope


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We’ll, it’s Monday and that means I have plans on what I want to get done at work and all of those things are going to get preempted almost immediately, lol. Still, it’s a pretty morning and things are ok at the moment.


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We are going to see what happens tomorrow based off what happens tonight. I have. A friend who really wants to go out for St. Patrick’s so I’m going with him. Should be interesting. Ideally I’d like to get some fishing in this weekend.


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Feeling better. Oddly excited for work. Happy I have meals planned for the week and have to do minimal shopping, plus tomorrow is pay day and Thursday we’re getting the site inspection done for our solar panels.


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Went for some metal bands, I thought it was perfectly fine. No problems getting drinks, no issues with the show. It was a good time


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Man, my partner isn’t feeling well so we postponed going up to my Mother In Law’s place until tomorrow. So a 2-3 hour drive two days in a row. Upside is we got Mekong for dinner because I hadn’t planned for us to be here.


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We’ve been going to Fuzzy Cactus for Friday dinner and for a couple of weeks in a row. I love that place. If you want a place that has all the charm of that dive/punk you remember living in your 20’s with actually good food and quality drinks this is your spot. I love the carnitas quesadilla, and If I’m feeling decadent I get the carnitas nachos(there’s a theme here). My partner swears by the chicken tenders and their ranch. Drinkwise- I love the Oaxaca Old Fashioned. I also love their Texas Two Step, which is just a shot of whisky and a Lone Star. Connie all this with watching old VHS movies at the bar and it is a great night


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After work I’m packing the car, grabbing my spouse and dogs and driving up to my MIL‘S house in the woods for the weekend. It has been a very very busy week and at least it’s super dark and quiet up at my MIL’s house. I just wanna sleep in.