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I would suggest writing the employer explaining the situation, accepting that you understand that the answer may still be no, but you’re hoping they can consider giving you a chance.

Probably won’t work, but definitely won’t hurt. The other thing to consider depending on what part of the country you’re in, and your beliefs/morals, but churches are fairly well known for providing people with opportunities that they may not get otherwise. If you’re willing to go to church regularly it might turn out to be a good way to find work.

I’m not religious, and personally probably wouldn’t do this, but I know a fair amount of successful people that found their calling and got their business started with church connections.


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People who make over 150k and don’t want to deal with ownership. We live within an hour of NYC there are tons and tons of people making big city salaries who see these apartments as cheap and convenient by comparison.

My sister and her husband live in the city. He’s had longer commutes than a train rider from CT and they paid WAY more money for a WAY smaller place in an insanely dated coop.


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They meant rich people renting normal rentals. They move to fancy pants building and therefore gave both opened up more normal apartments available, and possibly reduced demand for normal rentals enough where rent stays the same or even drops if they can’t fill it at the requested rent.


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I lived on the red line in 98-00 I thought it was fantastic, I don’t think I had a single issue the whole time I was there. The only funny T story I had was when I was visiting we got out of the wrong T station and asked a cop for directions to the aquarium, he told us to go back in take the green line to park street then the orange line to the aquarium. We did that, 20m later we get out of the Orange line and can literally see the corner the cop told us to get back on the T. It was a 3 minute walk at best lol.


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The only affordable hotels within commuting distance to Stamford are not great to bordering dangerous. Not like ‘you will definitely get shot/robbed’ but… there’s a decent chance someone might.

We have people coming into Stamford internationally a lot to visit and some of the people come from rougher countries. A small group from Colombia came to visit and stayed at La Quinta in Stamford. They were sure it would be fine, they’re from Bogota, so not strangers to crime, they changed hotels and told us we were right for having warned them not to stay there.

CT is pretty insanely safe by any standard, so it’s not horrific, but it’s definitely better to not stay at any hotel that isn’t 90+ a night, really 150 is probably the bottom for Stamford.


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Rubber knecking has always been a big problem in CT. Frankly I think it’s actually improved a bit.

The thing that is making me insane is driving between Norwalk and New York people used to speed back up every chance they got. Now, people have just started driving slow between the common spots where it used to slow down, or occasionally stop… it’s maddening, there will be half mile gaps between one chunk of traffic stuck behind a rolling road block of idiots, and the next chunk of traffic stuck behind a wall of morons.

Anyone with a ‘we’ll get there when we get there attitude needs to park their ass in the slow lane and let the rest of us drive.


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I think the cat needs to be there regardless age if it was originally equipped on the vehicle. It’s all the way back to the 70s when they started coming in all cars.

Having said that, you don’t need to get your emissions checked on cars older that 25 years, so there’s no opportunity for it to be caught on inspection. But I’m fairly sure the cops can charge you for it if they catch you.


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Because investment companies own all the buildings. They raise rents consistently every year regardless of the market.

In addition, banks and investment companies bought up TONS of houses and just sit on them waiting for peak market, even then, tons of them don’t ever get put on the market. They’ve realized that holding the depreciated asset can be worth more than booking the loss by selling houses that have fallen into disrepair while being sat on.

I looked at a 2 family split in cove 8 years ago that popped into the market for a week, then they pulled it. I live near there now and last time I checked it was still empty.

Then, just to top it off, there are thousands of illegal rentals in Stamford, where someone owns a house and rents out a room or each level, or every room on every level of a house that was meant for a single family.

Artificial scarcity and proximity to job markets that pay VERY well… great recipe for endlessly appreciating property values.


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Cliffs notes for Google search results:

Raymond Neuberger, 39 of Fairfield Connecticut former Republican member of Fairfield’s Representative Town Meeting from 2013 to 2017 and ran for state representative in 2016.

Police said Neuberger poured boiling water on Thor and fractured several of Charlie’s ribs. Burns covered 8 to 10 percent of Thor’s body when his owner sought treatment for him on June 22, 2017, according to a warrant for Neuberger's arrest.

Police said Neuberger beat Gem and doused the cat in bleach while his girlfriend was not home. When Neuberger’s girlfriend returned on Aug. 7, she found Gem in poor condition and rushed the dying cat to an animal hospital, police said. During a necropsy, police said, veterinarians determined Gem had suffered head trauma, collapsed lungs, a ruptured liver and a broken fang.


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Actually dumbass, both my kids are out of public school, and the reason I think group punishment for individual problem children is oblivious and accomplishes nothing because the good kids don’t have influence over the bad kids, beyond that, children shouldn’t be pressured into hazing tactics against their school mates by an administration too lazy to properly approach correcting the problem children’s behaviors which could be caused by a litany of issues… not just ‘bad parents’… which is a pretty aggressive description considering that LOTS of those ‘bad parents’ are working 2 or 3 jobs trying to make ends meet for their family in a state with very limited support systems besides the public school system… you dumb fucking clown.


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lol, what’s up douche bag.

Children’s brains haven’t developed enough for deprivation of privileges to be an effective punishment. Further, group punishment for the acts of individuals is a breeding ground for bullying and group think… they’re bad techniques… it’s been proven for decades… sounds like your parents failed you.


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Yeah, or, maybe, JUST maybe, this is an old outdated disciplinary technique that has been proven to be entirely counter productive… and maybe… JUST maybe, you’re defending those outdated techniques because ‘I had it worse and turned out just fine’.


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Northeast, in general, no one will care, or they even might like that you wear a cowboy hat, especially if it’s because you moved from Texas.

CT, same as above for the most part.

If you’re moving to Fairfield county, still wear it, but be ready for random opinions from people you didn’t ask.