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Well it is winter. In the summer I usually just use the dryer for socks and underwear because they're a pain to line dry. In the winter I redirect the exhaust back into the house. Why waste the heat? But in summer, even venting outside, it's a lot of leftover heat I need to cool off. So you have a point there.


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Not really. It takes me maybe a minute to get laundry thrown in and started. Maybe a minute to switch to dryer, clean the lint and toss it, then start the dryer. My bedroom is literally attached to the laundry room/bathroom. I don't sort my clothes in any fashion. Laundry is about 3 minutes.

Separating the socks would absolutely double my time doing laundry at minimum.


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The side of the road is unsafe. Bikes should be following traffic laws, can't do that from the side of the road.

If there's a shoulder not covered in parked cars, of course they should be there. Safer for everyone. But in my small town most roads don't have a spot to ride, and riding on the sidewalks is illegal. So you go with traffic.

Now if you're lazing along at 6mph you're just impeding traffic, if you're that slow you should be walking. That's basically on purpose and I won't be defending that.


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You know some people can't afford cars, right? If I'm biking it's a hobby, if my nephew is it's because he doesn't have a license much less a car. Taking an hour walk and turning into a 10 minute or less bike ride helps a lot getting to work or buying groceries. There's no public transit at all, there aren't even Ubers here. Even if there was, it'd cost way more than it's worth.