Citizenchimp t1_j722n6e wrote

I think my first concert was Reverend Horton Heat at the Juke Joint. Shortly after was Live at The Shrine.

Favorite show from that era was Beck, The Roots, and Atari Teenage Riot at The Shrine. So wild. Assholes kept throwing ice cups at The Roots and they left stage early. Made me feel so ashamed of our town, and profoundly sad we didn’t get to see more of their set.


Citizenchimp t1_iz5l73x wrote

First time I ever heard of or saw one of these was in Oklahoma City on a nonstop LA to Springfield drive. My co-pilot and I were delirious from the all-night drive and were looking for somewhere decent to stop for breakfast that wasn’t fast-food. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw a sign for a Twin Peaks themed diner in the middle of fucking Oklahoma! Too cool! All of a sudden I was ravenous for hot black coffee and cherry pie. I couldn’t wait to be surrounded by red velvet curtains and cryptic menu items; all while jiving to hypnotic acid jazz music. We pulled in, and as soon as we stepped through the door, I got the joke. Felt pretty silly. The coffee wasn’t bad, and our server was nice in the way she said we weren’t the usual clientele she was used to.