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Don't know if this joke would work for our special & precious friends across the Pacific ... sorry, Atlantic Ocean who live in cities in the U.K.

It'd be nice not to engage in a cycle of non cents cuz it's not central to the joke, and it comes at a price, & as it perpetuates the argument circle.


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I'm saddened to know that a fellow human feared posts due to the (inconsequential, I wish) hijab & had to be surprised there wasn't a bunch of hate & insults.

While rational, justified & thus completely understandable - that still just undeservedly sucks.

Hopefully such things will change. Eventually.

Meanwhile, ✌🏽✌🏼✌🏿


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Played a few years of youth hockey waaaay back in the day in an East coast small town.

So small, had to travel to other towns to play opponents. Road games were truly road games.


Blocker was an accepted tactical advantage to access the throat under the protection of mask when goalies fought anybody.

Ummm, retrospectively, was that a dysfunctional environment?