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100% BLUE Agave. I make that distinction because there are tequila mixes with green Agave (Mezcal) that are 51% Blue as well. Tequila's main requirement is it being manufactured in Jalisco with Blue Agavé as the main ingredient. They use the piña, or the fruit of the plant, not the leaves, but the leaves are strong fibers and have other uses (like rope).

My ex ran a tourism company and I've been on so many tequila tours...


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Strangely, Cannonball was Tonya Donelly era Breeders and Donelly formed Belly after leaving due to Kim and Kelly's (Deal sisters, Kim was former bassist for the Pixies) addiction issues. She was in step-sister Kristen Hirsh's band Throwing Muses before that. Always thought she had a lovely voice, but didn't really keep up when she dropped off the map to raise kids. I know there was a Belly reunion a few years back, but I missed it.


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Depends on what you call good, as I listen to a lot of musical variety. Here's a few I haven't seen yet:

The Needle and the Damage Done - Neil Young.

A Short Term Effect - the Cure (to name the most blatant one...)

Drugs - Roxy Music (I think, I mostly know covers - Eno and Ferry wrote it)

Rocket Man - Elton John

Space Oddity - David Bowie (if too vague, Ashes to Ashes verifies - ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we all know Major Tom's a junkie - strung out in heaven's high, hitting an all time low).


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In fact, it has a name - sapping and is done by sappers (trench diggers). Digging under enemy fortifications is called undermining and is where that word originated. Neither undermining or taking down walls was used all that often from what I've read - laying siege and starving the enemy was easier and less deadly (and if that fails, salt their fields and poison their wells before you leave...).


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The same thing happened for a while with asthma inhalers. HFA propellant requirements took the OTC Primatine Mist off the shelves and despite promises that cheap inhalers and OTC HFA inhalers would appear in a couple of years, big pharma reformulated the propellant every 10 years to keep it perpetually under patent. Primatine had to develop and patent their own HFA to return to the OTC market.

Incidentally, asthma inhalers are kind of a directed epi and do help with anaphylaxis in the lungs. For example, Fel-D-1 is a common protein in cat saliva that can trigger anaphylaxis in asthmatics. For me, I also get red eyes and congestion with sneezing along with gasping for breath. Dogs produce less allergens for me, but I definitely notice when they haven't been bathed in a while. Dogs may be more of a fur allergy than saliva, cats are definitely saliva.


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There are several charities in the US that provide doses; I used to volunteer for one and packaged "overdose kits" that were given to first responders and homeless encampments. I am no longer involved, however - ex-wife's best friend ran the charity, a bit awkward now. The weird thing is it still requires a prescription but charities can give out for free due to the way a later law was written ..