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Adidas Copa Mundial for life! Been wearing those since I was a little kid :).

Keep them clean and conditioned and they should last a very long time. Don’t walk on concrete, etc with any cleats.


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I’m not as tall as you but I’ve found success with Corridor NYC (XXL). They are longer without being too wide.

I don’t consider most of my shirts to be BIFL, but I do tend to get quite a bit of life out of them before they get too tired looking.


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I enjoy my casserole dishes and pie pans. They work quite well and have never chipped.

We’ve had issues with enameled cast iron overheating on electric stoves- you have to be really careful. Nowadays I only use them for liquids because I’m afraid of hurting them.


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Reply to comment by Girhinomofe in Best set of chef knives ? by MatineHen

I have a Shun set and am happy with everything that came in it.

My favorite is the 6” utility knife I use the shears all the time Bread knife is amazing

I actually use the Chef’s knife the least nowadays even though that is all I was a line cook. I don’t do much heavy cooking since we had a kid but when I used to, it worked wonders for chopping.

When I was a line cook I used Forschner and Victorinox.

I’ve also liked using the Wustof knives.