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I was wondering where the concentrated seawater goes. I guess that could offset the fresh water coming from the melting glaciers. Very interesting. Is desalinated water considered fresh water, or processed water?

"Seawater desalination is four times more energy intensive than groundwater collection and over 40 times more energy intensive than water sourced from dams."

And all that energy has to come from somewhere. The website doesn't say, but does each plant have its own wind farm?


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I agree. When I was very little, I use to naively think that we can just ship snow from the poles for water. Like sending trash on a rocket to the sun. Or packing some sunshine into a box and ship it to a cold place, or vice versa.

Humans are great at solving problems. It's getting them done is the difficult part. Or sometimes, getting people to listen to start with.


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Desalination requires a ton of energy and money. As is with everything else on the planet, governments won't move until it hits the fan. We live in a world of over consumption of resources. I agree there is plenty of sea water in the world, and with the icecaps melting, it's a good idea to take as much of it as we can to make it into drinkable water to just maybe keep the oceans from rising. But from the stand point of 2022, we will run out of fresh water if nothing changes. They've known about this impending issue for almost a decade now and not much has been done about it. I wish it weren't so, but it is what it is.