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The bulk of Democrats who win here are conservative. I didn’t specify political party on purpose. It’s a neoliberal politics/right wing America -in general problem. So yes it’s bipartisan because our politicians have no incentive to invest in longterm solutions.

Plus, doesn’t the city need state/federal funding to handle infrastructure?


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Personal cars are extremely dangerous for not only humans, but animals too. In hindsight, mass producing the automobile was one of mankind’s worst decisions. We could have had a mass transit system + underground transportation without ever creating the time sink that is traffic. Kinda a separate point but it’s worth mentioning because well built transit would probably save some animals too.

And I’m sorry I’m having trouble understanding the rest of your point.


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You didn’t ask that. The answer is no, unless you use the money on guns/ammo/gear and buy cheap lentils/rice.

They also don’t involve taking the life of a defenseless creature. I linked the list in another comment:


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Your values are “be selfish and kill everything in sight unless it provides value to me when kept alive?” That is disturbing. Why not be consistent instead of arbitrarily choosing who has value (species discrimination, known as carnism)

You are not a mountain lion 🤦‍♂️. You do not need meat nor animal products to survive. Just because we can live off of meat doesn’t mean we have to.

Also the irony of calling me superior when you think you get to decide what species lives and dies while I’m simply asking for compassion for all. The tired arguments you are making have been used throughout time to justify human atrocities and genocides as well as animal ones. Check yourself and read up on plant based nutrition. Add some plants to your diet - I promise you you won’t die of protein deficiency 😂


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Dear lord this comment is brain damage. “What about shooting someone dead and skinning their corpse is violent?”

Animals do have the same emotions as us. Science has proven this. Imagine your comment but if people shot and killed puppies or stray cats. Why do you choose to love them and kill another species?

And you don’t have to eat animals to survive. A whole food plant based diet is adequate for survival.

I am giving a voice for the voiceless. Also since I doubt you ONLY EAT your game meat and never eat animal products when you go out…



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Why do you have to kill an animal to eat? That is a very strange justification. "It's okay I murdered John - i'm going to eat his body!"

Whole plant foods are also suitable for survival and quite easy to live off of healthfully. Whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables are adequate for humans and the cheapest possible diet per nutrient. No need to kill an animal to live. I follow this checklist every day:

It feels so good getting off body parts and secretions - and so strange that humans still choose to eat this when we have 100000 delicious other plant foods out there you've never tried.


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I chose to speak my voice in favor of compassion and non-violence for animals. What is your point? Supporting violence?

How would you feel if someone paraded in your neighborhood with a gun over your defenseless children like you do to deer? We do not need hunters for population control - it is a sick and dangerous outdated sport.