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Indeed. Telling a redditor to read the article is about as insensitive as telling a paraplegic guy to throw a basketball. We all need to learn to respect the differently-abled.


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Seems like poor wording or definitions. Psychopaths in this instance are people who manipulate society and it's members to selfish ends. You can have transactions and be a reasonable person. You could even negotiate the terms of the transaction to decide the value. But when your whole thing is "How can I convince everyone who works for me to give up their rights to restroom breaks and union representation" you become a manipulative prick and a burden on healthy society. You're not negotiating, you're actively trying to brainwash people and mess with their emotions. It's easy to control people who need the work, after all. "Oh, your family is out of a home if you get laid off? Sounds like the solution is that you need to increase productivity so that doesn't happen." That's pretty close to psychopathic rationale. Again, it's manipulation, not negotiation. It's taking advantage of rather than coming to an agreement. And the fact that upper management will literally never see the peons they employ makes it that much easier to disconnect from humanity.

It's not an expectation that they care how good your life is going, but I think it should be reasonable to expect that they don't actively try to ruin it.

I think that's the point he's trying to make anyways. I don't like being so pessimistic myself.


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I love my suspension but I recently bought a higher end Gerber and I absolutely hate it. They started selling multi tools with replaceable wire cutter inserts. The problem is that the inserts are just indexable carbide machining inserts, designed to scrape in the forward direction through metal, not designed to shear laterally. They crush pretty easily under the force and then you need to buy more at $20 per pair. Gerber has been aware of the problem for years but they're ignoring the issue due to the number of customers that never actually use wire cutters.

Sintered carbide is the wrong material but they advertise it as the perfect wire cutter because the inserts are multi sided and can be rotated when one side gets dull. That assumes they haven't shattered of course, and I haven't had such luck. Leatherman also has replaceable wire cutters on their higher end models, but instead of sintered carbide they are made of 154CM high carbon knife steel, which is the right material for the job. They last a really long time and are only $10 to replace.

That said though, I do still love my Gerber suspension. I'm just not buying anything else from Gerber until they own up and fix this engineering issue.


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I don't know about paper airplanes, but here's an antenna that is the result of a supercomputer running simulations with an evolutionary algorithm.


Evolutionary algorithms are basically the same as evolution, but to summarize evolutionary algorithms for those who aren't CS majors: First, you generate a random population of candidates. You test each candidate for fitness to see which ones best meet the criteria and survive the generation (in this case by simulating the antenna.) You take the top few candidates and populate a new generation with a few thousand descendants that randomly mix a little of each parent and a small amount of pure random mutation. After hundreds or thousands of generations, you display the most highly evolved candidate.