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Inability to fall back to sleep after waking at night was mildly negatively associated with dementia, but didn't seem very significant. Inability to fall asleep at the start of the night was significantly associated with developing dementia.


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This study didn't dig that deep, but a similar study about alzheimers and oral hygiene speculated that bacteria can enter the bloodstream and end up in the brain. I think they may have been looking at the use of mouthwash with xylitol. I can't find that exact study now, but you might like these:

Edit: I'm talking about mouthwash below. Edit 2: Keep xylitol away from your dog! It's fatal to them.
Xylitol is great, BTW. A scientist friend of mine said that bacteria absorb it like sugar, but can't metabolize it, so they die (that may be a massive oversimplification). More info here: