Col__Hunter_Gathers t1_ja39gy2 wrote

Fuckin A, I miss the IC Light Amphitheater. I went to my first ever concert there. Weird Al. What a great fuckin show that was. Also got to see Lamb of God & Gwar together, which was magnificent. Oderus had the biggest crack rock I've ever seen up on that stage lol.

Now my kiddo is getting to concert going age and I wish the Amphitheater was still there cuz it would be a great spot for me to take her for a show.


Col__Hunter_Gathers t1_ixi4yew wrote

In town to talk about infrastructure, of all things. You couldn't ask for a more apt example of exactly why we need to focus on it.

Which of course led to a few of my Trumpy coworkers claiming that "the Democrats sabotaged the bridge to make Biden look good". I think I gave myself brain damage when I facepalmed that day.