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Did they push you with the intent to kill you? No. If you trip and fall and break your neck, is your bad knee the primary cause of death? No, accidenfal falling is. You can fall without a bad knee. The bad knee is at most a contributing factor.

Your hypothetical shares none of the key factors here


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Yeah that was weird- great scene but didn't they just spend like 20 minutes establishing that Sally has a huge stick up her ass at that point in life?


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That isn't how wear on a tool works. A single nut didn't crack it, it broke on this nut after many years of metal fatigue cracking nuts. A cheap metal nutcracker doesn't have incredible quality control on the steel used and doesn't heal between uses.


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No, "limey" was in use for English sailors and more generally for English men everywhere in the anglosphere since the 19th century.

WWII GIs sometimes referred to English troops as limeys because they had been called that for the last 100 years. They more often called English troops Tommys.