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She was the perfect woman for you, you were far from the perfect boy for her. You can’t say that you “can’t” let her go because it’s not your choice. If she is done with you then she is done. You need to work on yourself as others have said, if you aren’t a teenager it’s probably worth looking into some type of program for sex addicts because you are borderline obsessive with your desires so much so that you are getting angry for two hours when you only fuck twice a month. It’s certainly not ideal but you are either a teen or you have a problem. It’s your actions that probably made sex less desirable for her, seeing how much importance you put on sex she likely felt like an object and seeing you throw a tantrum didn’t help either. Sex is great, but you can’t have a solid relationship built on just that and sometimes with work schedules, kids, and just life you don’t get to have it as often as you would like and if that’s enough for you to throw away your “perfect person” then that is entirely a you thing that you need to work on. I think a lot of us at one time or another felt we had the one that got away. Eventually you’ll find the right fit so long as you do the work on yourself to attract the woman that actually completes you. Coming from someone that was once a hormonal sex crazed teen that thought sex was the most important thing on the planet, lost the love of my life (at that time) only to realize with a lot of growing up, therapy, and work on myself that that relationship was far from an adult relationship. I have now found my person and the future mother of my children and I love her dearly and on a deeper level than I could even have fathomed at that time.


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Cats are the end of privacy and feed on your fears lmao. I used to be afraid of something grabbing my feet from under the bed, walking in on me in the shower, making a loud noise at night, attacking me in my sleep etc…. Cats have made me numb to all of it now. Honestly someone could break into my house and I would not be phased until I open the curtain because I’m conditioned that any strange presence is just the damn cat 💀


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As it’s been said before, fuck around and find out. You sound needy as fuck and like you need coddled and the moment your boss wasn’t there for you you fucked them over in spite, not even realizing your boss actually had your back. But now you know this isn’t game of thrones, you aren’t a main character and all you are is a problem worker to literally every higher up there now. You’ll definitely get fired but hopefully you learned your lesson and can find a job before they can you. When you are making good money and have a boss that has your back, fucking ride that wave until it crashes.


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The difficult part is you are 16. If it means that much to you and your parents are being completely disregarding of your feelings and the mistake they made maybe report them as stolen if they police say you can (it’s dishonest, but they were too) or see if you have a civil case against your parents at the very least. I would urge you to never give your parents a cent of anything again until you are either 18 or move out.