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Ahh I see. I couldn't find anything on what the gentleman in the article was originally charged for. Most articles just say the charges were "irrelevant".

Personally I think its important information. I served 10 years with a ton of great guys. A majority of us were people of color and non native born citizens thats important too. A bunch of us were great guys and a bunch of us I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw them. But you cant just use a solider and throw them away when you're done.. Oh wait, thats exactly what they do even to native born veterans.


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This is where the simulation starts to fall apart. I'm on to it now..

These people could be realtors anywhere, in any town. I've seen these faces a thousand times. They can be in a restaurant, they can be standing in the middle of an aisle at the grocery. They're on tv for a local law firm, maybe its your friends aunt with the 20 cats... Its a face you can trust, because its familiar..

The simulation tried to hit random but they didnt realize they're picking from the same 20 faces..


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Altra Superior 5 in white is what I'm sporting. Altras in general changed my life. It fixed my knee pain as well. If you get a chance go try some on and you'll see what I mean. The toe box alone helps your feet feel so much better. As for longevity I took a pair on a week long hike in the rain and rough terrain and they're still good as new.