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Absolute false, I can get things done instead of making meaningless small talk about what people did over the weekends. Also I’m incentivized to get things done because once I’m done I can go workout or take a walk, unlike at the office where you have to sit there until some arbitrary time. You may like the social part of the office, I don’t really look to my job for that aspect of my life. Both of us are right, but why dictate what the other group has to do?


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Yeah but if you’re talking about making all these housing developments at metro centers so that people don’t need cars then you need to build way more than just housing. You need grocers, restaurants, stores, schools all within walking distance or else it starts becoming inconvenient. And why do we need to “stop subsidizing the suburbs”? Everyone doesn’t want to live downtown, or can afford it. This city runs on people who live outside of downtown, and benefits from the metro being able to reach more people. It’s 100% not perfect but this also isn’t SIMS where you can just demo and build new cities at the snap of a finger


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Yeah, I think the issue is that city and metro planners weren’t coordinated and didn’t focus on the issues we’re facing today. So you just build stops to what you think are the appropriate places and call it a day. Especially since metros generally are built along highways which have seen more residential development. That probably means either a lot of eminent domain and big city housing projects or just pave a parking lot. I think we know what they picked lol


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Hopefully this makes it safer for pedestrians as well, I’ve almost been smoked several times by cyclists not stopping for stop signs. Like I get they do laps there but it shouldn’t be too hard to not hit people in the crosswalk