ComicOzzy t1_j8lyagv wrote

Social media is such a completely different animal to emails and leaflets. And no, you don't go after them "instead". But they should have some oversight, rules, consequences. Whether you build a house or high rise apartment building, in most countries there are engineering and safety standards that must be followed. The government is involved to protect people. This doesn't exist for social media platforms. Not in any real, meaningful way.


ComicOzzy t1_j8jius8 wrote

A knife manufacturer does not profit with each successful piercing of flesh the way FaceBook does. FaceBook acts with the resources of nation states as if it is one. It has seen how data from its platform is used, issued worthless statements of apology, and continued supplying the data and the platform to those who are abusing the platform for horrific goals. FB is aware of this. They are supporting it. Profit is all that matters. Humans are products.