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Most of the ppl talking AGI is far away don't say why so specifically and how to solve them... All they talk is about current limitation of llm and true understanding, consciousness BS. Gary Marcus complaining deep learning hit the wall and need hybrid approach but a few months later, many problems he claimed are solved or reduced. They dont release any better, significant, alternative research paper. If their thought and approach is that better, prove it.


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There will be no safe job in the near future. even if machines don't completely replace human labor, the importance and cost efficiency of skillful individuals will be decreased. Government and corporations will choose better machines + average workers than expensive skilled workers. it happened many times in history. the difference is speed. before humans find and train new skills that makes them more valuable than others, machines will be improved exponentially in skills and generality.


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No one can know it until one try it to the end. Questioning is important but without try and fail, nothing progress. Currently deep learning and LLM are very successful and not even close to its limit.