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A former neighbor of mine had a very similar problem of cars careening around the sharp corner and ending up next to his porch, chewing up his lawn/garden in the process. One truck demolished the vegetable stand he had out front. He wanted to put up a border wall (stone wall) all along his property, which he had to fight town hall for permission. He told them if they wouldn't permit it, he'd start suing the town for recompense since they haven't done a damn thing to stop the speeding traffic. He ended up with a border wall.


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I don't want to make fun of her because alcoholism - yeah, I'm jumping to that conclusion based on her priors - is a disease that needs proper treatment. However, alcoholics can drink their limit in their own homes. There's no need for them to be on the road behind the wheel. That's the part of her life story that's a serious problem for others. I don't want her to go to jail, so I hope a social worker can convince her, or the judge, that she needs to be hospitalized, detoxed, and enter a treatment program.


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It's been a few decades since I was in my 20's, and I never want to arrive anywhere sweaty, but I've always lived my life -to the best of my ability - thinking 7 generations in advance. I'm not anti-car so much as I am wanting cities to be more forward-thinking and find alternate methods of travel within their borders. Unlike rural areas dependent on individual modes of transportation, cities, by their very compact nature, can make major adjustments in their methods.


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Ideally, I think all major US cities should limit motor vehicles down to emergency and service (distribution, business, cabs,...) only. Open it up to pedestrian walkways and improved, expansive modes of mass transport. Watching Star Trek in the 60's had an impact on my visions.


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Not that far from where I used to live before a condo developer took over the block.

Yes, the developers are scoundrels taking the money and leaving town afterwards, but who approved their work? Developers can't do shit without city approval. All this concern and anger should be directed at the planning boards/committees, because these are the assholes approving our city's destruction.