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One big reason this is happening is because of the huge increase in residential building (condos/apartments and houses) in the western burbs where they’re planning on having stations. There’s no real alternative to get from these burbs to the city except via 422 and 76, both of which weren’t made to handle the kind of traffic this population growth requires. To remedy that they’d have to expand those highways or work with the existing tracks laid down decades ago and make it a western regional line. I can’t imagine an expansion of those highways would’ve been a cheaper alternative and folks who live in the towns (or nearby) where they plan on having stations have been lobbying for regional rail for years.


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Luckily I have off today so I can lie down with an ice pack on my face (my migraine pain is around my nose and eyes) and listen to some podcasts. Meds don’t really do anything for me but the ice helps a bit. I hope it passes soon for you if you’re still suffering.


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What it’s supposed to mean in its unofficial designation is that the mayor of the city/town (who also oversees the police force and can set a tone — if said police force respects and follow the mayor’s orders) will not actively prioritize arresting (or harassing) and deporting undocumented immigrants for things that would be a slap on the wrist for folks who are documented or were born here. Like a broken car tail light or some such.

The gop effectively decided to use the designation as a pretense for their little reverse freedom ride PR stunts, which, by all accounts from anyone with an ounce of compassion, are cruel if not downright sociopathic. But damn smart politics, amirite? /s


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A bunch of local parents I know throughout the region who have kids of various ages with pre-existing upper respiratory conditions and therefore go to CHOP for all of their annual well-checks have been talking about their upcoming appointments (for at least the next month or two) being recently cancelled en masse via email blast. I’m guessing they were cancelled not just because of a lack of space/current overcrowding, but because nobody wants to risk acutely healthy kids coming into doctors offices and hospitals and picking up something while there. A lot of these appointments were made MONTHS or even a year in advance so rescheduling to be seen soon by their specific pediatrician or specialist isn’t gonna happen. And the same medical shit show is happening simultaneously all over the country.


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We don’t even really try in the US. At least not within the Action News viewing area map. I teach English to a non-native English speaking adult from Warsaw and he tells me he’s amazed at how little we give a shit about recycling here. Apparently in many parts of Europe folks are required to separate out all of their various types of recycling trash into cans — like 5 or 6. And people take it seriously. It never really caught on in the states. I grew up in an era where early-adherent environmentalists were criticized as dipshits or unamerican thanks to Reagan and other associated anti-regulation wingnuts. And that mindset has largely carried into modern society which is why we can’t have nice things.


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They’ve changed the time period from 1976 Los Angeles to modern times, hence the cop cars. I have concerns about this change from the novel because the 70s really set the tone and the juxtaposition with the antebellum South. Not to say that this also won’t be a critical look between current racial divides and the past but it’s just different.