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It’s worldwide revenue not just in the EU and revenue is a lot more than profit.

If Amazon were to get a 4% revenue fine that would be equal to 72% of their yearly profit. Meaning it would seriously eat into their margins.

Facebook had about 1/10 of their revenue as profit so a 4% fine would take about half their yearly profits. Doing something illegal in Europe to double your worldwide profit seems not so easy to do.


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4% of yearly revenue is the maximum fine Europe can impose. I can’t imagine what would more appropriate for a fine like that than collecting data on every European with internet access without them even having a Facebook account.

And that data being collected for the sole purpose of selling it to the highest bidder


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Actually you can use wifi signals to get a rough layout of a room. Not with this kind of setup, you would need a directional antenna.

It’s been demonstrated by a bunch of nerds messing around with a home made radio telescope years ago.

Wifi uses the electromagnetic spectrum. Just like light does. Except it can pass trough walls. So you can use it to “see” into a room but because of the wavelength is so large and it will pass trough a lot of stuff you will mostly see things that are highly reflective to wifi and other sources of electromagnetic radiation with the same wavelength.