ComprehensiveAdmin t1_jddd987 wrote

I tend to agree with you on this in about every situation, but not this one. I would be curious if this student was on an IEP. That is typically the primary reason students with extreme behaviors are not expelled. Trust me when I tell you that a few thousand dollars in funding for one kid isn’t going to be the deciding factor in whether to expel or not.


ComprehensiveAdmin t1_jd3rcxt wrote

This shit happens all day, every day.

A 9th grader at my school with no license skipped with a group of friends after lunch, took his mom’s car without permission, drove around downtown like an absolute psycho to show off (only 1 of the 5 kids wore a seatbelt), and rear ended a utility truck that was doing line work in the middle of the road going 45 in a 25. Thankfully no one died, but 2 of the kids were hospitalized for a couple days (not the driver).

Kid got no consequences at home and acts like a completely smug prick every day.