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LOL. If you still don’t get I’m not going to continue wasting my time, but here’s one last shot.

Not saying that the people don’t ever do work. Not saying they need to look busy 24/7. The point is, if you want to try and paint a picture of “hard work” showing a picture of a bunch of people standing around aint the way. The OP coulda selected a better image for that. Imma just sit over here with my feelings while you play on your train tracks.


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Oh, sure. It’s where perception matters more than the reality of whatever a business or government publishes. So, this image and the discussion that has followed is a prime example. The perception from those not “in the know” makes it look like they are just standing around, even though the reality, as you’ve pointed out is completely opposite. Unfortunately despite you being 100% correct, it truly doesn’t matter. You see this in politics all the time as well.


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Yah. All the I’m sure they have a specific task quotes still doesn’t help convey the image of “hard work” when they can’t do anything on time or on budget. How does it go… If you want it cheap and fast it won’t be good. If you want it cheap and good it won’t be fast. If you want it fast and good it wont be cheap.


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But did it get fixed is the ultimate issue with 311. There’s definitely times I know for sure things are marked case closed saying work is done or the complaint has been remedied like the time I did a noise complaint on my own roommate, but that’s a story for another time.


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Private insurance plans and payments are the driving force behind everything. Who sets prices of the services you receive or supplies you use during your hospital visit? The hospital administration, right? Wrong. Insurance companies set the prices. And they set the prices so high because every 1 single private insurance patient that comes through the hospital pays for 3-4 Medicaid or Medicare patients that receive the same services. So, in essence, not only are you paying into a plan that’s used only when needed, but when you do need it you are ending up paying not only for your treatment, but also footing the bill for others. Don’t believe me? Look it up.