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Let’s say, hypothetically, that it was as bad as 50% false calls, 50% calls that wouldn’t have been made, and that every false call is missing a real call. That’s break even. That means 1 person loses access to emergency services and 1 person gains.

Any better than that and you’re helping more people than you hurt. Obviously the ideal is perfection, and not having any false calls, especially ones that take resources from real people. But it doesn’t take amazing accuracy to improve the net outcome.

If you get data that they’re more likely to be incorrect than a normal call, you can change your prioritization to prioritize a human speaking. Apple can continue to improve their accuracy to minimize false positives. But those improvements are from a situation that’s already better than it not existing.


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So it’s straight up not a consideration for me until it’s an iPhone because I’m not willing to tolerate android, and the tech isn’t there yet for acceptable durability.

But I straight up don’t understand how a person can dislike the premise. They basically universally allow you to use them folded at whatever size you choose. The foldable bit is just a bonus feature that lets you open it to a bigger screen when you need it. What is there to dislike about that?


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I wouldn’t actually convert but there are times I wish I could do a physical keyboard and stuff like this unihertz Titan is really tempting. A case the replicated the slide out keyboard a few phones had back in the day would be golden.

Ultimately you can’t pry me away from iPhone regardless but that’s about the only thing I miss.