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It's what is already happening though, with corporations becoming increasingly monolithic and wealth becoming increasingly concentrated. Why would this trend change, seeing as the process feeds itself? More wealth means more power means more ability to tilt the table to one's own advantage means more wealth.

If companies were interested in being fair, they would have shared the fruits of increased productivity of their employees with their employees. Instead, they do everything they can to squeeze the employees and increase their own take. Why ever would they suddenly have such a fundamental change of heart and share the fruits of increased productivity achieved through AI, which doesn't even come from the employees?

It all seems pretty obvious.


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Why stop there? You could specify your personal tastes on how the characters should look and sound (although there would have to be a few limits where it would otherwise interfere with the plot/dialogue), and the AI would generate that. Each person could watch their own version of the movie.


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Here I am, with a list of developments I've kept hopeful track of, but ok.

Reasons for hope:

  • John Goodenough's battery

  • XNRGI's battery

  • Lyten lithum sulfur batteries

  • solar shingles

  • SpaceX

  • magnetic reconnection space drive (Fatima Ebrahimi) (2021) hopes to have a first prototype soon

  • Mach Effect

  • "augmented reality", HoloLens

  • hot fusion companies (including Apollo Fusion)

  • Quaise Energy geothermal power

  • detonation engine for rockets

  • NMN

  • Gaianneschi fatty acid drug delivery (2019, no news since)

  • DpC

  • TREM

  • ISRIB: small molecue cognitive enhanc

  • PAMPS hydrogel for cartilege = Bolt Biotheraputics's ISAC anti-cancer therapy

  • Alkahest young blood plasma for brain healing

  • αKLOTHO and TGFβR2 treatment for osteoarthritis

  • NaNots (NaNotics) - subtractive nanoparticles

  • Senisca - correcting dysregulation of RNA processing (2021)

  • retrolytics (2020, Andrew Gudkov)

  • GlyNAC (Rajagopal Sekhar)

  • LyGenesis (2022, starting first human trial)

  • Lomecel-B

  • senolytics

  • David Sinclair (Harvard)'s anti-aging pill (SOCOM trial)

  • elements from young blood

  • hypothalamus regeneration

  • trodusquemine (aka MSI-1436) = Novo Biosciences is struggling for funding

  • Underdog Pharmaceuticals - now Cyclarity - clearing arteriosclerosis

  • LNP mRNA to restore heart function by reprogramming T cells to remove fibrotic cells (Jan 2022)

  • carbon nanotubes for atherosclerosis (2020)

  • Mitrix Bio - harvesting healthy mitochondria from a bioreactor for transplant

  • Satellite Bio

  • mRNA delivery of Stemin and YAP5SA to repair hearts (Robert Schwartz) 2022

  • anti-CD47 and other immune system activating treatments

  • iNKT cell reinvigoration via galactosylceramide (2018)

  • SeNBD (May 2021)

  • MuTaTo (2019)

  • metarrestin - preventing metastasis - now in a phase I clinical trial (2021)

  • Hadiyah-Nicole Green (nano-particles with laser therapy) Ora Lee Smith Center (2020) trying to crowdfund there was another group that reported results with this... from Wales maybe?

  • PRL3-zumab humanized antibody binds PRL3 thereby inhibiting tumors, phase II clinical trial (2021)

  • GP532 a TLR5 agonist, Andrei Gudkov (2021)

  • MR1 (Enara Bio) (universal anti-cancer T cell therapy) (2020)

  • T cells: BAFT upregulation

  • allogenic iNKT (invariant natural killer) cells, Yang Lab (2021)

  • nanoparticles from maize (2022)

  • aspirin could cut risk of death in cancer

  • ELANE/PPE (2021, Becker, Onchilles Pharma)

  • Clinically translatable cytokine delivery platform for eradication of intraperitoneal tumors (2022, Nash and Veish) (drug factory beads)

  • albumin nanoparticle (2022, Duxin Sun)

  • dostarlimab (PD-1 inhibitor, anti-cancer) (2022)

  • cancer-killing “drug factory” implants ( Veiseh, Avenge Bio) 2022 -LIfT BioSciences N-LIfT

Revisit later:

  • plasminogen supplement? (sea squirt)

Dud list:

  • BLP
  • MKC8866

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> If something mimics consciousness perfectly, it's effectively no different than being conscious.

It seems no different, not is no different. This is an external perception. I wouldn't call a society of machines in which everything functions perfectly convincingly but nothing is truly self aware as being equivalent to a group of human beings each with their own experience of consciousness.

We can, with confidence, assume that other people are truly conscious because they are made in the same way we are.


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If it does work, it might be too costly, playing whack-a-mole with tumors as they pop up for the rest of the patient's life. There are anti-metastasis drugs under development though. Perhaps in combination with those.