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Hence the protests. People are tired of the same conservatives running congress and perpetuating the eternal cycle of corruption, and want drastic change. Hell they're asking for a constituent assembly to rewrite their Constitution that's how desperate they've become. The current government has labeled the protesters terrorists, ensuring the police has carte blanche to open fire. This will only get worse before it gets better


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And he is the duly elected president, defeating the Fujinomorista's candidate. However, Congress under Peruvian Constitution has immense power, even more so that the president, and very little check and balance against them. It's impossible to play nice with Congress who not only hates you but actively tries to remove you 3 times.


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At the time of his attempt Castillo had already faced 2 impeachment attempts and the 3rd led by the powerful Congress specifically the allies of Keiko Fujimori were gearing up for 1 more but lacked the support. Probably when Castillo realized he will never be able to accomplish anything without removing a Congress who clearly hates him


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It's complicated, it's a fight between the upper class Lima born Peruvians who are sick of the constant political instability and the poor indigenous people of Peru's south who have been disenfranchised for years, finally have a champion who was one of them in Castillo only for him to be held down by the majority conservative Congress to the point he had to launch a self coup just to get his policies across.