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that's not at all true. I'm not gonna go into a rant about the USSR and why they were very marginally different from the US but suffice it to say capitalism actually stifles research in the name of profitability. It's a matter of risk v reward where research that has limited or no short term potential for profit and commercialization is neglected almost completely. It's a huge problem in academia. I'm also not advocating a change in government types. I'm an anarchist. I advocate for self-direction, free association, and an end to the state.


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First of all, landlords have nothing to do with the construction of homes. They come in after the building is up. Second, the housing shortage in the US exists for the most part due to the prices of available housing (particularly in relation to median income), zoning issues, and housing allowed to sit idle due to a lack of profitability. Landlords don't provide housing, they hoard it and ransom it out.


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it's passable for the most part unless you're trying to get something done. Like someone else said, it's very socially liberal but even that can drift into right wing but fiscally and action-wise (like I said when you actually want to get things done and improved) it's pretty conservative.

obviously it depends on who you talk to around there or where you are specifically, but imo the worst are places like cohasset, weymouth, marshfield, Salem in October (tourism crowds), and further inland places like lakeville