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Since it seems like all cities have kinda lost population….

I’m going to guess we are still seeing the fallout of wfh and how that is changing people’s living situations. 2022 was the last year where some level of Covid/wfh policies were in flux. I’ll be curious to see trends in the coming years now that policy like that seems to be settled.


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Monk’s is by far the best if you care about the beer itself, but I don’t find it super pleasant to hang out at for a long time. Don’t get me wrong though, you should definitely try it out .

I’ll also second Good Dog which has a good beer selection and is a nice hangout.

Would also suggest Ten Stone and Grace Tavern for nice chill corner bar experience.


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I guess I really should have said “last to gentrify in South Philly east of Broad”. Was definitely only thinking on the east side when I wrote that.

To answer your question/make a guess… Point Breeze will probably gentrify fully before the strip around 7th. Grays Ferry probably gentrifies last even though it seems like developers are trying to make it happen. Personally I don’t quite get it. It’s transit connections are poor and it’s not particularly walkable. I guess with how close it is to PB and Grad Hospital combined with how cheap the real estate is (was?), people will try.