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The only somewhat dangerous part of NoMa is on the North Capitol side of things. When the homeless encampments were under the underpasses that could also occasionally see an incident.

Given that the encampments are gone, and you’re multiple blocks from North Capitol with no reason to be close to that part at night, you’re fine.

As someone who’s lived in that part of town for multiple years and watched it change, I’d say it’s nearly as safe as DuPont circle now, for the average person. I mean your apartment is right between an REI, a gay brewery, a planned parenthood, and an elementary school. This isn’t the hood people make it out to be, it’s thoroughly yuppie.


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I’d just give them a call and ask. Neither seem like great choices for a vegan, but I doubt you’d be the first at either place and they can probably accommodate you.


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Also if it’s supposed to be a recreation of the original, it’s going to be pretty small. That venue was only rated for like 200 people. Atlantis will probably be a competitor to Union Stage, which holds 450, and Songbyrd, which has 200. Could be a bit of a replacement for Rock and Roll hotel, which was about 400 as well.


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If there’s a university that you want to support I’d look at that. My schools alumni association administers a few scholarships, and underrepresented backgrounds are targets for at least one of them.

Otherwise I’d look at the local STEM magnet schools and reach out about a scholarship fund to give to.


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Reply to comment by MammothBobcat251 in Gyms: YMCA vs vida by cjazz24

Annecdotal support for that being the target demographic is my female boss who goes to Vida specifically because “it’s full of gay guys who aren’t trying to hit on me and let me work out in peace”


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I’ve heard of plenty of people asking the parents combined. And as someone else mentioned, asking for the blessing isn’t necessarily asking permission. It’s more like an FYI, and so they can lend support. And for most people it’s a formality for appeasing older parents who aren’t so progressive.


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Except the same types of places are all open around Union Market, with the perk of being metro accessible.

Large independent concert venue like the winery? -> Songbyrd

Brewery like Other Half? -> Redbear

Distillery like Republic Restoratives? -> Cotton and Reed

Michelin Star Dining like Gravitas? -> El Cielo & Masseria

Plenty of small retail shops and more food options than you can count.

There’s no real compelling reason for most people to go right past one neighborhood to get to another one that isn’t much different.