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iirc Beware's case was a result of CN just scrapping their DC Nation block entirely, and AS airing them because they were already finished. The Teen Titans GO! shorts, as well the full series created subsequently, were the only real hit they had with that DC effort. Young Justice and GL: TAS were both infamously axed due to low merch demand.

So it might just be a case of shows skewing older like you said. CN has done this before back in 2004 when Toonami moved to Saturday nights, as demos were skewing a little older and concerns about violence were giving some folks at CN cold feet.


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I've been rewatching the original two seasons on Hulu. At one point two weeks ago the show was listed as expiring, and some episodes would have a bumper ahead of them telling you to sign up t for STARZ to watch the new season. Last week the expiring label disappeared, and I no longer get the bumper telling me about the new season.


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I'm enjoying it, though I'm only 2 episodes in. It really is a hybrid of Columbo and The Rockford Files.

I got a paid Peacock sub just to watch this show and it's astonishing that Peacock still has such a pathetic library relative to its competitors. I will say it was neat to be able to watch 24 Hours of Daytona, and if I were a bigger wrestling fan this would be neat but aside from Poker Face it looks like they're still the "What, you don't like The Office anymore?" streamer.

If this were on literally any other service barring maybe Starz it would indeed be bigger.


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This is interesting. Back in July I had a bout of gastroenteritis that lasted five days, followed by a week of constipation. However afterwards my appetite was out of whack, I would have some mornings with extreme bowel urgency that made driving to work a huge pain, and I would get full pretty easily when eating. I thought I had developed IBS or gastroparesis, but the symptoms weren't severe enough nor fit with the diagnosing criteria (I have had no bowel-related abdominal pain since my initial illness, and my bowel movements have been largely consistent). I had two instances of heartburn, but that went away months ago. I eventually saw a Gastroenterologist and my lab results all came back negative. He suggested it was merely the illness combined with it being the most stressful period in my life (I was in the process of buying a new house and moving, going back to graduate school, and having the busiest time at my job I've ever had).

However the elephant in the room was that after my initial illness I had basically stopped eating. First it was the worry over the diarrhea, then it was the constipation, then finally it was concerns over IBS or food intolerances. The end result was that in about a month and a half I lost roughly 21 pounds. The problem now is that I only feel sensations of hunger maybe once or twice a day and even then it's most commonly after 9 PM. Furthermore when eating I'll get a faint feeling in my lower left stomach that ranges from pinching to twitching to just vague discomfort, which usually subsides in 5-15 seconds.

I've since gained back 3-4 pounds, but I can't seem to get any further than that and it's been 6 months since I was sick. My doctors don't seem concerned, but it's been a real pain since I've had to buy new belts to fit into some clothes I bought two days before I was sick.


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I'm kind of surprised that went down. Like I understand AMC was trying to expand its catalog/portfolio and Sentai was not in a favorable position in terms of licensing as it attempts to compete for licenses with an ever-stronger and well-connected Sony and high-spender Netflix. However I'm not sure if there was any benefit to being owned by AMC for them.