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It's not literally a foreign accent. It's a kind of aphasia that causes a speech impediment that sounds like a foreign accent. I saw clips of people with it in psych class. To me, it sounded like a British person who spent their adulthood in an -istan country.


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No, at the end of the war Germany started to "liquidize" their Jewish prisoners. Meaning kill everyone. At some camps and ghettos, they were killing 10-15,000 people a day.

They weren't even using gas anymore, they'd >!march them to massive graves in the woods and just shoot them with a single bullet. If they weren't dead, they'd still fall into the pit and die by suffocation as the next rounds of prisoners fell on top of them.!<

The parts I put behind a spoiler are nsfl


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I fell down a wikihole on this uprising a few years ago. It's a fascinating and tragic story of hope and community. It was so close to working, but in the end, you can see how Nazi lies and manipulation, as well as polish antisemitism, prevented the uprising's success.

There's also a decently accurate movie with Schwimmer and Hank Azaria. Aside from combining a few real people into one character and merging a few events into one for the sake of storytelling, it's a good depiction of the events.

But do read the wiki and a few Jewish historical society entries first (just Google "Warsaw uprising" and pick a few Jewish community/history sites; the wiki is very good but it's important to get the history from the the horse's mouth too).