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This is the tack I would have taken if I had written the original matrix movie.

Humans as batteries is ridiculous. Humans as a hijacked complex quantum neural network? Hell yeah.


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Yes, concussions can cause adhd like symptoms in people without the neurological disorder, and they can make adhd much worse for those who have it. But if you get adhd like symptoms from a concussion you can't typically treat it the same as if you just have adhd.


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I'm sure it will have nothing to do with the fact that governments meant to be maintaining these will be spending all of their money on servicing the loads of debt they've run up over the last 20 years, the demographic pyramid shifting, and will probably not be maintaining these as they should.


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Yes, there's a disgusting 'reproducibility crisis' going on in science with all these guvbucks flying around the last few decades. It's almost 100% necessary before you believe anything these days.