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Premiere was absolutely great and the previews I've seen for episode 2 look crazy.

Also I've heard of Christina Ricci throughout the years but never had a chance to watch any show she was in until now. She stands out among an already excellent cast and she's even better season 2. Def one of my fave characters on the show.


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He just sounds kinda grateful to be so successful in that interview tbh? He seems to be excited about/interested in a lot of different things which is a trait you want in a writer.

I did find that story about the HBO execs snubbing him kinda funny though


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According to the article it's due to all the practical effects and on-location shooting in Africa. Apparently getting thousands of cattle and horses together to run across the country while shooting on a helicopter is expensive. Plus Ford and Mirren couldn't have come cheap.

Makes sense why everything is going CGI nowadays, especially with the pandemic still causing issues.


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It will probably take a decade but I wouldn't be surprised to see all the traditional television studios closing down and all TV coming from Amazon/Apple/Youtube. Those 3 have enough money to bankrupt the studios 10 times over.

And as always Congress will fine them $20 million for anticompetitive practices a few years after most of the studios close up shop.


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If you watch episode 2, he actually justifies his cut by negotiating a better deal for the business (and the numbers suggest profit margins greater than the 20% cut he's taking).

I think the pot shop owner just wants to smoke and chill and he warmed up to the idea of Sly taking over the "finer points of business".


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>People are the real danger and the blight on this planet....not the animals.

Assigning traits of "innocence" to animals is also flawed though.

Animals can and will exploit their surroundings to the point of exhaustion when given the chance - for example when they're introduced to an environment that hasn't adapted to accomodate them.


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People keep spreading this news around but I can't find anywhere where Kelsey was actually quoted as claiming to be part native.

The only direct source I can find is a New York Times article written by a part-time Law Professor, where he mentions that Kelsey is part Taiwan, British, and Cherokee descent. But there's no actual quote from Kelsey directly stating this and I've seen no corroborations. Just the law professor writing an unverified opinion piece that doesn't have a lot of sources backing it up.

Maybe the criticism is valid and fair, but as far as I can see this "controversy" was drummed up by a few individuals who were upset that a non-Native American was cast in a Native American role.

This part is actually true - many Native bloggers were upset that Kelsey was cast in the role because they felt that the role should go to someone of Native descent, not a Taiwanese-American.


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Looking at their last quarterly filing, Roku has $2b cash on hand and is burning around $100-200m/quarter due to the ad downturn. They should have the cash reserves to weather the recession pretty easily, especially with the announced layoffs.

Unless the recession lasts more than 2-3 which case quite a lot of companies are going to go down.


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There was a survey study conducted by Variety that listed Roku Channel as one of the most used services among the FAST channels.

Peacock was used by 21% of people, Roku came in at 15%, and pluto came in at 14%.

Tubi and Freevee rounded out the top 5 at 11% for each.