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Its possible to over eat on food considered healthy. Its easier to feel sated on low calorie, high density foods, but you cant say eating the equivalent number of calories in burgers with toppings, wouldnt lead to the same result, without a study anyway.


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What a rediculous statement. People make companies. People use a companys services. People regulate companies. People make, dictate, and utilize industries. Its not magic. Its choices everybody makes as a society. If you dont like it, find a forest. Otherwise, you have neighbors you choose to live next to, so are required to adjust your life accordingly. Thats everywhere.


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Thats like saying air is great, if we could take the O2 out of the equation. Capitalism has been around longer than the word and is just utilizing the greed of people, which isnt inherently bad as we all need resources, to direct and perfect resource production. We just industrialized and now think our new use is somehow special and unique.

When all the worlds resources are at our finger tips, something we shouldnt have such ready access too, we have to overcome our evolutionary desire to take everything for ourselves.


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Doesnt mean we have to create industries around sensationalizing necessary information. Science, news, politics. They dont have to be set up around deceit and manipulation of consumers needing information to make decisions about their lives. But competition around telling people what should be facts results in distortion of those facts.