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Dammit, you’re gonna make me defend him?

$1,000 (a minuscule value with campaigns) from a PAC… It’s very easy to see how someone on his staff could have made a mistake and told him what he stated.

Should they have known? Sure. But this isn’t in and of itself some huge gotcha.


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And all of these scripts are recorded and available to state governments. I don't want manufacturers overriding medical doctors, that's insane. If the doctors are abusing their credentials, then let state medical boards address it.

The manufacturer has a MEDICAL DOCTOR prescribing the drugs. Why would you want engineers and distribution / transportation professionals making medical decisions??


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Isn't it medical regulators who determine who a pill mill is (or isn't)? It's not for a distributor to question a doctor on their diagnosis of patients.

I'm all for going after people who deserve it, but that doesn't mean everyone involved in the creation of opioids did something wrong.


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I’m curious and no judgement at all: Is it you prefer less-crowded places, or are not someone that likes being around sports fans / crowds cheering (loud noise) / etc?

I have zero interest in baseball, but I love the energy and general euphoria in the playoffs (and I’m an active participant with football)