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Every car on the road automatically switches to reverse. Every plane in the sky turns upside down. People will begin wearing shoes on their hands and going in through the “out” door


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Those jobs aren’t typically work from home careers. “Negotiations and coordination between stakeholders and clarification of requirements” would be done in person, regardless that it’s just a bunch of words clumped together. Whatever you say though. I can learn to make subs at subway in a day or two. Go ahead and pretend those jobs are complex. Whatever helps you sleep at night


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It depends on your job… if you work from home, yes it’s coming for you. If it takes less than a week to learn your job duties, you’re done. If you stand in one place most of the day, see ya later. Robots have been replacing humans for decades. Sometimes robots fail mechanically or electronically and won’t do their jobs. It’s at this time that humans have to intervene to repair them. Will they ever be clever enough to repair themselves?