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I agree. I remember back in October the regime was claiming that they’re protecting Iran’s culture from corruption and shit… Then someone pointing out the obvious, "if hijab was part of Iran’s culture, it wouldn’t need enforcing". Laconic, but it really show how absurd this whole thing is. Destruction of a people’s intelligentsia, suppression of a people’s culture, violence as the first response towards almost any resistance, these all remind me something. This is incredible, through sheer religious fanaticism, the Ayatollah regime is somehow behaving exactly like foreign colonisers… in their own freaking land!


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I humbly disagree.

I do not find the westerners have anything inherently special, so that only they can embrace the concept of human rights, individual rights, property rights.

I do not argue that the westerners are the one leading in this arena, but what I find uncomfortable is the idea of your description of the "rest of the world" is asiatic and orientalist, painting a picture of the so-called "barbaric East".

There’s Japan, which has the Taisho democracy period, when democracy blossomed even before WWII. I choose this period so that we can avoid the whole "is the post-war democracy somewhat forced upon them by the west" blah blah blah, that’s for r/AskHistorians, not here.

There’s Korea, which I personally believe has one of the strongest democratic spirit in Asia. Gwangju uprising is definitely not supported by the west, and the downfall of Park Geun-hye is a sign of a strongly pro-democratic people. Chaebol and corruption are serious problems, but democracy is still the wish of the people.

Then there’s Taiwan. Some use it as an example that Chinese can be democratic, some argue that they can hardly represent Chinese at all, since Waishengren (those that escaped from mainland to TW along with the KMT) only make up ~13% of the population, and the rest identify themselves as more like Taiwanese. However, even if we separate them from Chinese, their customs are still loaded with Han culture, and that didn’t prevent them from being a democratic state aligned with most of the western values while retaining their Han culture.

I know Far East is not Middle East. I know that having a democracy doesn’t means these rights can be correctly protected, flawed democracy is a thing. I know that democracy and the values you claim to be specifically western will not miraculously prevail in Iran even if the current regime fall. However, I do believe every place in this world have potential to accept democracy and related values, trying to depict the rest of the world as places doomed to be barbaric is just snobbish.


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The motto of the current Iranian regime is probably something like "the nation must die so that the state can live". They’re literally killing the intellectuals, the creativity, the cream of the crop of a people. This is not surprising since it’s ME we’re talking about, but I still think Iranians deserve better.