CptSasquatch t1_j3s68na wrote

Geez Damin, if I had gotten that kind of positive feedback in school maybe I'd have applied myself. Much appreciated my friend.

>That Robert Plant one especially.

Not sure if I already shared it, but here's a link to the timelapse video. It's a bit of a long watch(over nine minutes), but it'll provide some insight into what went into the piece. Not trying to downplay the praise, but the main skill here is persistence...which may be what you're getting at.

Anyway, you've definitely got me itchin' to get back into 'shopping :)


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Big congrats to u/Deafca7 and u/SligPants on the well deserved shout-outs! Congrats to all the winners as well!

Didn’t realize the results were up until someone commented on my video…and didn’t even know that shop had been nominated (thank you for nominating it u/DaminDrexil). Thanks to all who nominated my work even though it was slim pickings in 2022. Love you folks…you haven’t seen the last of me.