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Money and child support etc. here is honestly very good. I think a big issue is the length of time that formal education takes. You are well into your twenties before you can START looking for your first job with a University education, which can delay when you can get married and have children, assuming that educated people prefer to have a house or some kind of stable living situation before starting a family. This also means that your children are likely to be an expense well into their 20s. Also, not just how many children you have but when you have them effects the demographic chart already. It makes a big difference to the country’s population if there are 40 years between generations rather than 20!


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Best is English. Sure Germany and France are big part of the EU, but realistically, not just in Europe but everywhere stuff done between nations mostly gets done in English.

Remember all those ministers in a train to Kyiv; from Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Norway? Many of their languages are “cousin” languages, but I bet my ass that they were speaking English on that train-ride.