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You'll probably find amazing dissertations on the matter over at ranime but basically while we didn't get the sheer amount of anime we do today we had better produced shows and untested IPs had their shot to get an anime adaptation. Today they make anime on the basis of 'what profits more' and most studios heavily outsource to taiwan and korea because the industry simply can't handle the pressure being put on it by having 40+ shows airing at the same season. Animators are literally dying from overwork. It wasn't this bad when the japanese economy imploded in the early 90ies (the problem of the day was a bunch of OVAs being left unfinished, this killed the OVA market) so I'm not really sure what gives. But at least for me I can say anime peaked in 2007.


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I dunno. Lately I've been thinking and after reading OpenAI papers literally calling for censorship and lobotomization of models I don't have hopes good AI will reach us. Whoever's running the show wants us to live the eternal present.


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Yudkowsky was it. If you go on less er... savory parts of the internet (read as Kiwi Farms/Encyclopedia Dramatica or any other forum ran by an edgy 15 year old on his mother's basement which I might not know of) and surprisingly you'll get an eye-opening biography on the guy from the late 90s from today. Dude's basically a cult leader. Just ignore all of the politics and the racism and you'll get the picture.