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Same author. Refers to a Howard Johnson motel restaurant placemat showing a photo of a plate of fried clams. Allegedly, the clams were manipulated to resemble hundreds of humans in an orgy… !


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My dad worked in a big high school in the 70’s and a kid on the annual staff hid a lot of penises, f***s etc. in his artwork (scrolling around photos mainly) and suffice it to say no one got an annual that year. Teachers who got theirs early had to return them, but my dad got away with his. Might be the only one in existence.


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I had an English prof in college that was OBSESSED with this book and required us to read it and THE CLAM PLATE ORGY. He even had his own slide collection of dirty subliminals he had found on his own. We had to go along with it, of course but honestly I didn’t see all the things he and the author claimed to be seeing.


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I had it as a small child in the 60’s. The only treatment for an attack was a shot of epinephrine/adrenaline in the butt. Seriously. Ever seen a five-year-old on adrenaline? My poor mom.