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Can't remember which game show it was in the UK, but the objective was you were given three letters and had to come up with the longest word including them in the order they were given.

This word was used almost weekly as anyone who appeared cottoned on to it pretty quick


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Oh it seemed like a good idea at the time......

No regrets though. Finally got a job I love, a beautiful kid and a women who loves me and I love her. Things I never found in NL. Even though I am not originally from NL it will always be "home" to me and I do hope one day to return.


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Fire extinguishers (as I have mentioned elsewhere) are your absolute best friend in an active shooter situation. If you have no other option and you cannot escape or hide, they can be used to distract, to shield, and most importantly (and as the final resort) attack the skull of the gunman with extreme prejudice. And you don't want to stop until you see grey goop.

Did a training course with an FBI instructor a few years back who taught me that.


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Nearly stopped a couple of times when he crashed

I wonder what their insurance rate is like? Especially in the UK as well when it's the driver that's insured, not the car (so not anyone can drive it). And to have insurance to drive anything. And with a record of not always driving under the speed limit (with a ton on evidence and millions of witnesses after the fact)

And then, insurance for getting sued by litigious arseholes.


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Casseroles? As in Cassoulet, Moussaka, Timaballo?

Oh and the Casseroles they cook in England, Australia, NZ?

Ok you said most - but they are maybe a lot more common than you think. I grew up eating and cooking them in the UK. Lancashire Hotpot is yum

But suing people. Oh yeah that's an American thing. Though it is creeping into other countries like the UK. Thanks for that.


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I don’t think they have moved on much - they were an appalling vendor to deal with - they supplied all of our regional MPLS. Lead times for any new connections sometimes went into years where others could (and now thankfully do) in just a few weeks. Our reps were constantly on PTO, and we had an outage that lasted a week (due to failed hardware on a very old piece of infrastructure).

Abysmal to deal with. Glad I have nothing to do with them any more


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He's by far my favorite author - he writes about stuff I love and I have all of his books about Military History. And he tells the stories so well

Operation Mincemeat was made into a film based on his book by Netflix. However I really want Double Cross to be made into a movie - an ensemble cast and like the big war films used to be. Think the Great Escape - the characters in the original story would make it epic.

Maybe I should right a screenplay myself?


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I believe this was mentioned in the absolutely wonderful book “double cross” by Ben Macintyre. When reading a book and you read the line that at one point, every single spy working in Europe was working for British Intelligence as they had all been turned shows the brilliance of this amazing story or department x