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For those paywalled, this article preview from VPAP:

>Richmond's first wish from the General Assembly is another opportunity for voters to approve a casino, even if the city has to share regional gaming revenues with a potential rival operation in Petersburg. Most of Richmond's legislative priorities for the coming assembly session center on promoting affordable housing and protecting existing homeowners from being taxed out of their homes by an overheated housing market. The city also wants, as its second highest priority, to prevent any state effort to accelerate the required completion of a $1.3 billion combined-sewer cleanup of the James River before 2035.


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>To measure the level of teachers leaving the profession in Virginia, the Richmond Times-Dispatch sent public records requests to each of the state’s 132 public school systems regarding teacher resignations submitted in the month of June from 2018 to 2022 and analyzed personnel items from school board meeting documents.

>Those records paint a picture of public school systems across the state struggling with teacher retention.

>Chesterfield County had the most resignations in the Richmond area, with 538 teachers leaving their positions in the past five Junes, followed by 363 in Henrico County, 333 in Richmond and 131 in Hanover County.


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Hello, and thanks for this AMA.

I had read a few years ago that there was an ongoing debate about how stable evolutionary change is. I.e. does it mostly occur at a constant rate (outside of special circumstances like human-caused selective breeding) or are species largely stable most of the time and undergo periods of more rapid change.

This may be too broad a question, but is there a consensus about which, if either, is more accurate?

Also, is there any sort of consensus view among mathematical biologists about any aspect of the Jurassic Park character Ian Malcolm?