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Interesting…I thought NH has a no title needed after X years, but I guess that’s wrong.

I sold a vehicle to someone from VT and the buyer put one of the plates from his own vehicle on the one he bought from me, telling me it’s “legal to do so” for 48 hours. This was 15 years ago; no idea if it’s still a thing (or ever was). 😆


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I’m not at all bothered by the existence and use of aftermarket tint…if it were up to me, I’d say “go nuts” and “black it out” — whatever works for you.

What drives me CRAZY are these (according to my sources and experiences) tidbits:

  1. If the vehicle has factory windshield tint beyond 70%, it’s acceptable. I can’t say, for sure, what cars come with darker tint from the factory.

  2. It’s against the law to apply aftermarket tint your windshield and front seat windows beyond 70%. WHY? WHY? WHY?

  3. Custom car mod entities tell you it’s illegal to go beyond 70% on the windshield and front seat windows, but they’ll do it anyway. WHAT? How do they get away with it? I understand this may cross/intersect privacy concerns (I.e, medical reasons), but am I naive to believe that if one was required to show “medical need”, would one go postal against it? I mean, you have to show proof of other things, so why not this?

  4. According to my source(s), vehicle inspection includes testing tint and other visual blockages on the windows and yet modified vehicles still pass. HUH?

In the end, this “law” seems so freakin trivial…I can’t wrap my head around it and it’s laughable that police can’t be bothered by such ridiculousness.


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So wait…there’s discussion surrounding whether or not to celebrate the falling/demise of the Old Man of The Mountain? Am I reading this right?


And, in an effort to drive the asinine discussion home, this used car salesman (lies) says most residents compare the loss to that of the TT’s falling on 9/11.

Just wow.

You read it first - he’s destined to do great things down in Washington!


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I was just doing some light reading (about the parental rights bill) earlier today and wow, I’m shocked to find how many proposals (or whatever the hale it’s called) are presented each year…to the tune of a thousand, give or take. WTFH is going on in this state that we have people presenting a thousand ideas each year?!?!?


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I know 4 things:

  1. Violence against and/or murder of a pregnant woman should result in 2 identical charges, regardless.

  2. On both ends of the spectrum, if you exist by way of being tethered to another (human/machine), you ain’t living.

  3. My body, my choice.

  4. I’m a middle-aged man.