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> it will be the first passenger flight in the history of commercial aviation that uses only sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Ah, was looking for this. There is already regular freighter service using it. The biggest issue right now is that supply of the fuel is very small.


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You're welcome. I did a bit of work looking into automation in warehouses back then and while we are on the cusp we aren't entirely there for everything. (Quite a few situations do ROI out now and it will only get better.) My notes on these guys was that if you are still looking to ROI out on your existing fleet of MHE in a standard warehouse space it's not a bad option. If you are planning automation from the start though there are better options.


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Yeah..., these guys are nowhere close to the first. The person who wrote this press release was either wilfully ignorant of the industry or the company didn't do any market research. Automated forklifts have been around for a long time to various degrees in the industry. There have been quite a few startups looking to make them much better and able to work alongside humans for at least the last decade. (I've tested out some of these systems.)

Ah, and look here an actual implemented solution from 2 years ago vs something that Im sure works well in a lab:

Edit: Oh, I actually visited these guys in Austin for a demo 4 years ago or so. (If not these guys then someone in Austin selling the exact same thing of retrofitting existing lifts.) Not bad technology and pretty flexible.