Crimson_Marksman t1_j8r1uxs wrote

When I was 14, there was a bit of an issue in Beaconhous Margalla Campus, the school I went to. Specifically, that if it rained, the streets would get flooded and it would be difficult for cars to get there. So of course, one day it flooded.

I went to the IB block to avoid the rain and sat down on a chair, waiting for it to subside. And on the chair next to me was a book. Someone must have left it there for it was half way open. It was called Scorpia, of the Alex Rider series. I waited a bit, picked it up and just started reading straight from it where it had been left off.

I immediately got introduced to Julia, the main villain of the book, a smart femme fatale who I immediately got the hots for. That ignited the way to Young Adult fiction for when I was a teenager and began to read more stuff like that. The tension and subtle action left me very interested.

I finished the book, then opened it back to its halfway point. Being the good boy I was, I left it there the way I found it and went home.