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Right? I was 9 when Columbine happened. Now my kids are in elementary school and it's a whole new level than we had growing up. It used to be disgruntled/bullied high school kids, that was the worry. Now it can be grown adults waltzing into schools to kill innocent elementary aged kids who they've never met.

My son was the same age as the kids who died at Uvalde. We had a brief but heartbreaking conversation about it. 9 year olds aren't supposed to live with that fear but here we are, 2nd generation in a row.


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It's been 5/6 weeks, his term is 6 years. I don't really see what it matters that he's been out sick for such a small amount of time, when we know exactly why he's been out. I don't see people giving a fuck that McConnell has been out for 3 weeks and counting for his medical issue.

E- Senate term is 6 years, not 4.


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Yes, you can get a DUI even if you aren't high. If a cop suspects you could be, aka sees your med card at a traffic stop or you are in an accident, they can drug test you. THC can be in your system days to weeks after last use, depending on how often you use it. State law currently allows them to charge you with a DUI, despite no proof of current intoxication.

That said, I've had my card for going on 4 years without an issue.


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I grew up in Montoursville and there have always been seagulls. Used to always be a ton around the mall but I'm guessing they've found better places to find garbage since. Also used to see them on campus in Lock Haven (though thats obviously clinton County) Seagulls flock to anywhere there is abundant garbage, ie- garbage dumps, dumpsters, fairs, etc.


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Knoebels is great for families with kids. You have the option to only pay for the rides they get on, which is great when you've got small kids who tend to be unpredictable. They have award winning food that doesn't break the bank. And they are dog friendly, which is a huge bonus for some.

They have specials for a lot of weekends and half off wristbands Wednesday nights. It's almost always busy but a comfortable busy, lots of room for everyone to spread out so you don't feel claustrophobic.


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Only a year?

My mom refused to take us to Williamsport hospital because they sent her home with a burst appendix. We would make the drive to geisinger if we needed urgent care.

I had a friend win a very large claim against them over 10 years ago for their negligence that led to the death of her child while in labor. Completely made up my mind that I would have my children at Geisinger even though it was so much further away.


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Hershey Park is geared towards kids older than that. Personally, Knoebels is much more for small kids and families. Free admission so you don't waste a $65 ticket on little ones only riding a few rides. Individual ride tickets can be purchased at a discount at Weis. Knoebels also has a veteran discount once a year, you get a free book of tickets.


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It looks like you are waiting on your payments. The first week after being eligible is a waiting period, you do not receive pay for that week. If you have been expecting payments longer than that and haven't received them, contact your state rep to get unemployment in touch with you. And continue to submit your weekly certifications in the meantime.


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It means they withheld federal taxes. You'll get a form next tax season that lists how much tax you paid on the unemployment income. Not everyone opts in to have tax withheld, they choose to pay that when they file their taxes. It just distinguishes between the two.