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No, it's about recent news about Conservative efforts to ban books and art, which resulted in a principal of a school losing his job for having imagery of this world cultural heritage statue present for something or other. It's what this image that OP shared is flogging as a joke, presumably, with a title like "easy fix". It's absolutely reasonable to comment on current events when this is basically a political cartoon at heart


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And this, despite overwhelming evidence that shows they could be making more money if only their employees were well rested, well fed, well clothed, well homed and well educated.

You hear it alot, but it's always true. The cruelty is the point. They don't care how much they have - after a certain point increasing your buying power is meaningless after all. It's about having more than you and they'll go out of their way to stomp on the heads of anyone treading water to keep you there. They like how it feels


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The only thing that bugs me is the trinkets. Come on, it's a last man on earth situation and this guys out here collecting candy wrappers and broken belt buckles? I'm going hunting for lambos and $5,500 pocket knives long before I'm looking for round pebbles and bits of colored glass. Get me some nice kitchen knives, a dope ass wok and a wicked propane well for it. Is this guy shipwrecked or something